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What clients say about Green Not Grey

Laura made a fantastic change to a barren spot in our garden. She expertly blended her choice of flowers to match our complicated requirements and we now have a flower garden that blends in to the theme of our house and looks like it's straight out of a flower show!

Alistair B, Wimbledon

I finally relented and got help with my garden, after ages of promising I'd do it myself. The initial trip to the garden centre with Laura was eye-opening. She walked me past the pretty, bright annuals already in flower (the ones the garden shops want you to buy) and took me to the shrubs, all which would flower in their time (and the azalea already has). She chose plants suitable for the shady corner and we got to planting those straight away. After each session Laura gives me homework (which I ask for) so it keeps me out in the garden. On our second session, Laura brought some cosmos, basil and rudbeckia, which we planted that very day along with some herbs from a pot that had been suffering under my care for a couple of years. While Laura works planting the delicate plants, I'm in the garden too, mowing and pruning (badly), but I'm so happy to be out there, and the garden's looking great.

Natasha, Clapham

Laura has been an inspiration for us and our little city garden. We love how she has gently coaxed our garden from mediocre and unloved to blooming and beautiful. She has made our existing plants really stand out, and has carefully added plants where necessary to vastly improve our borders. Her advice is spot on, and her suggestions have worked really well. I have particularly appreciated her clear and detailed follow up emails after her visits. My own gardening confidence has grown as a result of seeing her at work, and we look forward to her visits very much. Thank you so much, Laura. We are now enjoying our garden so much more and gone are the feelings of guilt about not being green fingered!

Jennie, South London

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