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Growing Plants

What I can help you with

Practical solutions tailored to your needs

My services are a bit different from the norm. Generally the options for garden help are either hiring a maintenance gardener to mow the lawn and tidy the leaves, or a getting a designer and landscaper in for a full scale building project - neither of which are what small city garden owners usually need. Instead what I do is to listen to you about how you really want to use your garden and what the practical constraints of your outdoor space present, come up with a plan for what you can do with it, and then put it into action. It might mean redesigning an area and getting new plants for you or it might be a case of working with the plants you already have to renew and refresh. I can also come back regularly to maintain your newly transformed space, or leave you with instructions to do it yourself. It's all about flexibility to suit your needs.

Services: Services

Consultancy and design

Awkward shady area? Only got concrete? Windy balcony? Kids, pets? Tight budget?

There's a plant for every spot and I can help figure out the best options for you.

I'll usually ask you for photos to start with and find out a bit more by email/phone, and then visit your home to measure up and get a feel for the space. I'll then go away and come up with some ideas. 

Creating your ideal space

How do I make this happen?

I'll help you find the right planters, plants, compost, feed etc online or at the garden centre, and then I'll plant everything up for you at your home. This might be a one-off or an ongoing project.

Alternatively you may already have a mature garden or existing plants you're keen to keep, so I can incorporate these into the plan and advise how to keep them happy.

Maintaining your greenery

"I love it, how do I not kill it?"

Once we've got your space looking amazing, you'll want to keep it that way. I'll advise you on how to water, prune, feed etc - or I can revisit you regularly to do it all for you.

Some of my regular clients like to work alongside me in their gardens to learn more or to have company while they garden. 

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