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COVID-19 update

Since I am classed as a tradesperson who cannot work from home, I've been fortunate enough to be permitted to work during lockdowns, and to be able to get (an albeit erratic) supply of plants and supplies. Of course, I take my clients' safety very seriously, but it's a lucky feature of the job that I'm mostly outside, working alone, so distancing is not a problem most of the time! However, I wear a mask (and shoe covers) if I need to briefly walk through the house to access the garden, or if there's any need to talk to clients close-ish up. At the moment I limit any other contact by bringing my own drinks and working 4 hours max at a time to avoid any need for 'comfort breaks' inside clients homes. I'm also very happy to do whatever works for my clients - for a lady who was shielding we've had a chat through the glass of their patio doors! - so please let me know if you have any concerns.

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